At Fleurish Ecoscapes we provide customers in New Orleans with environmentally friendly landscaping and yard care services. Our Goals and Values are simple.  We want your yard to look spectacular.  We want to provide you with excellent customer service.  We want to do this economically and in an environmentallysustainable fashion.  

Traditionally lawn care and landscaping relies heavily on using gasoline to power their machines while using chemical fertilizers and pesticides to get your yard looking green.  When you hire Fleurish Ecoscapes to care for your yard, our promise to you is that we will use only environmentally friendly tools and products to get your yard looking spectacular. In place of gasoline, our equipment is either powered by batteries or by propane.  In place of chemicals we use natural or organic fertilizers and pesticides.

We want your yard to be safe for your children and your pets.  To read more about why eco friendly landscaping is so important click the menu button above, titled, “What is Ecoscaping?”

We are a full service landscaping company.  We will design your perfect backyard oasis, install it and maintain it.  As a licensed horticulturist I chose your plants scientifically based on soil samples, location, sunlight needs and season.  I will custom blend fertilizers and nutrients to specifically what your lawn or flower beds need.  

Thank you for your interest.  We love what we do and we look forward to working with you on your next landscaping project!  

Matt Allan

Founder and General Manager

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